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At Kemet we stand ready to design, test, deploy and manage CAD/CAM/CAS solutions that can translate into real competitive advantages. KEMET's professional service experts and customer care specialists provide a single-pointoftnntact to fit both consumer and enterprise needs with their objectives.

What ever your engineering specialty your end target & your way of planning Kemet will capture you imagination image 8 will try to convert your this raster mind image to a vectored plan with out any loss of high quality production solution.

KEMET will be recognized throughout the region as the leading and advancing on computer based industries. We are committed to continuously improve the efficiency of our organization and the quality of our products and services. Our success will depend on the teamwork of our people, our ability to create opportunities our focus on value added activities and our effort to continuously improve the professionalism of our organization.

We will be the standard by which other businesses in the region measure their performance. Employees will be proud and eager to work for KEMET, which will recognized as a good corporate citizen that significantly contributes to the country's advancement.

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Our Vision

Kemet was
founded with vision

Kemet Corporation was founded with one driving vision; a vision of systems that talk to each other not with standing their location. A vision in which technology works for its customers, not the other way around. Kemet is focused on taking Egypt and the region into the next age through its vision.

KEMET believes that in the everdnanging face of technology success is built on creating long-term sustainable benefits. This is not just a fundamental underpinning of our customer proposition; it is the DNA with which our company is made.

Our Story

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During 1980 four original members of KEMET GROUP formatted the company as a consultant office, we were the leaders in using the computers in EGYPT for designing, and it was decided that a new and separate company for the computer business was formed to cover this kind of business and wa s therefore formed in early 1981.

The company has steadily progressed over the last ten years and now enjoys a healthy reputation in the Egyptian market, dealing in technology transfer.

Our Objective in company is to supply a complete solution for the different CAD/CAM/CAE systems with the state-of-the-art technology It may be recognized that we are specialized in the fields of architectural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineering software.

Our History

  1. Establishment

    Kemet Corporation Established as an “Engineering Company”.

  2. Partnership

    Sign a partnership with Autodesk as Value Added Distributor

  3. Academy

    Training Center #EM 0003

  4. BIM Wave

    BIM Implementations & Projects in Egypt/Gulf.

  5. Cloud Power

    The New Possible