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Trotec is a leading international developer and manufacturer of laser machines made in Austria, Germany and USA with headquarters in Marchtrenk, Austria. The birth of laser technology in our group Of companies happened back in 1991 , with the then revolutionary idea Of using C02 laser machines to produce text plates, precisely and under the highest quality standards, which laid the foundation for Trotec's development history and the digitalization of the stamp industry. Today, we have 1 7 sales offices with a total of +750 employees. The export quota is 97%. Our machines are used in more than 90 countries around the world.

Laser Engraver and Cutter Speedy Series

Speedy 100

The Speedy 100 laser engraver offers a compact, entry-level solution carefully designed to meet the evolving laser engraving and laser cutting needs of growing businesses.

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Speedy 400

The Speedy 400 is the new dimension in laser processing, offering maximum usability and flexibility with the power to increase your overall production capacity and efficiency.

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Speedy 400 Run on Ruby

A highly productive laser cutter and laser engraver, 8 times faster than standard laser systems Cutting, engraving & marking in one including Ruby the most intelligent laser software.

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Large-Format Laser Cutting Machine - SP Series


Trotec SP 2000 - 100w large format C02 laser cutting machine.

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The SP 1500 offers maximum productivity, robustness & workspace stability for all your laser engraving and cutting work.

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The SP 500 id the ideal C02 laser engraving and cutting system with a moving head for high outpu.

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Laser Marking Machines - SpeedMarker

SpeedMarker 50

SpeedMarker 50 has marking laser for continuous operation in the industrial environment (fiber laser).

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SpeedMarker 300

SpeedMarker300 has a large handling area various small components may be labeled or engraved within a single process.

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SpeedMarker 700

Save Time & Money the SpeedMarker 700 is exactly the right choice for machine engravers, and job shoppers.

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