ARUM 5X-200 Complete Finality System!

Amazing Milling Power

With DC 3.0kw spindle, Servo Motor & Linear Guide, you can mill any dental material such as Titanium, Co-Cr, Pre-milled Blank, Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, Nanocomposite, PMMA, PEEK, and WAX and more.

A Standard of METAL Milling

This machine can be compared with none of the metal milling machine. You can mill various shapes such as Implant Bar Bridge, Screw-retain Bridge, and Partial Framework using various materials such as Titanium, Co-Cr, and Ni-Cr, etc.. Based on unsurpassed metal milling capability and extensive know-how accumulated over many years, the excellence of our product has been proven in the global market.

Dedicated Template for ARUM, Outcome of our Extensive know-how

Based on our extensive know-how accumulated over many years and various milling restoration around the world, we provide the optimal dedicated ARUM template for any case of Implant Bar and Screw-retain Bridge. This is ARUM’s unique asset that cannot be provided anywhere else.

Mounting of 5 Pre-milled Blanks

With a function of mounting of 5 pre-milled blanks simultaneously. Also, you can product Customized Abutment without Connector with AT Holder.

Easy Material Replacement

As it is easy to replace Disk Cartridge, you can replace Disk quickly and easily and use materials economically. In addition to Disk, you can also exchange materials quickly such as Pre-milled Blank and CAD Block, etc.