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AutoCAD 2D essential

Description: This courseware is designed for newly acquainted AutoCAD users who need to become familiar  with essential tools within AutoCAD.


Prerequisites: No previous CAD experience is necessary; students acquainted with.

Duration: 25 hours.


Course Outline:

– Getting Started with AutoCAD

– Basic Drawing & Editing Commands

– Creating a Simple Drawing

 – Drawing Precision in AutoCAD

– Making Changes in Your Drawing

– Making Your Drawings More Precise

– Organizing Your Drawing with Layers

– Advanced Object Types

– Analyzing Model and Object Properties

– Drawing Organization & Information

– Advanced Editing Commands

– Inserting Blocks

– Creating More Complex Objects

– Setting Up a Layout

– Printing Your Drawing

– Preparing to Print

– Text

– Hatching

– Adding Dimensions

– Annotating Your Drawing

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